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Our Mission

Our mission is predicated on cultivating Africa's next brand of innovative youths by championing one mind at a time.

Chamspro Africa

Champspro Africa

OUR CORE VALUES: C=CHAMPION R=RESILIENCE E=EXCELLENCE S=SERVICE T=TEAMWORK As an organization, our core values hinges on our yen to see you reach the CREST of your life and career. Thus, we won't REST till we see you become a CHAMPION, through RESILIENCE, EXCELLENCE, SERVICE and TEAMWORK.

Champspro Academy

We have courses, training, book club and opportunities for virtual internships that can help champion your life, improve your soft skills and prime you for excellence

Champspro Consult

your visibility is as important as your ability in your career trajectory. We're in place to accelerate your visibility which will position you strategically for different projects, boost your employability and nurture your ideas.

Get to know us better

Champspro Africa was established with a reslove to champion the lives of individuals.
‘Champspro’ is a combination of the word ‘Champions Project’ and as an organization, our project is seeing that individuals become champions in life.

In line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals of Quality Education and Decent Work and Economic Growth, our mission which has become the fulcrum of our ethos is predicated on cultivating Africa’s next brand of innovative youths by championing one mind at a time.

At Champspro Africa, you can expect the best services delivered with the highest ethical standard.

What they say about us

In a generation where young people are looking for faster ways to make it, Champspro Africa is here to guide African youths on the right path to follow in leadership and enterpreneurship. Champspro Africa is here for you. Join the move!
Chime Chinonso Simon
Chimex Vinlex Technology
It's no longer enough to be young, ambitious and attractive. The Champions mindset is demanded to stay smart , open to learning and accomplished . Chamspro Africa is here to dot the I's and cross the T's in human development. Get involved!
Geoffery Nwokolo
Clever Communications
ChampsPro Africa have a novel and unique approach to social development. There is no better time in history to champion the idea of Human Capital Development and Africa's modernization than now. I support the Champspro Africa initiative.
Ekpa Stanley Ekpa
Development Watch Initiative
To be very honest all the programs organized by Champspro Africa have been impactful and full of wisdom. I can't count how many times I have seen some practical things we learnt about goal setting but I learnt and understood more from the Goal Setting Master Class
Ezimora Benita Chidiebere

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