Who We Are

About Us

Champspro Africa was established with a reslove to champion the lives of individuals.
‘Champspro’ is a combination of the word ‘Champions Project’ and as an organization, our project is seeing that individuals become champions in life.

In line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals of Quality Education and Decent Work and Economic Growth, our mission which has become the fulcrum of our ethos is predicated on cultivating Africa’s next brand of innovative youths by championing one mind at a time.

At Champspro Africa, you can expect the best services delivered with the highest ethical standard.

As an organization, we partner with companies from different business sectors and professionals with multifaceted career trajectories to facilitate our mission of championing the lives of individuals.

Whether you want to champion an idea, yourself, organization or the world at large, Champspro Africa is with you in the process en-route to your progress.

We believe in the business of Human Potential and its capabilities to shape individual, organizational, economic and societal change.

What we do


At Champspro Academy, we have courses, trainings, Book Club and opportunities for virtual internships that can help champion your life, improve your soft skills and prime you for excellence.


At Champspro Consults, we understand that your visibility is as important as your ability in your career trajectory. Thus, with your great ability in place, we want to accelerate your visibility which will position you strategically for different projects, boost your employability and nurture your ideas.

Our Mission

Cultivating¬†Africa’s next brand of innovative youths by championing one mind at a time.

At Champspro Africa, we are sternly guided by our mission and obsessed about it that is what has kept us going all these years

Our Vision

Our Vision is making every African individual to be the best version of themselves in order make a difference in the world.

At Champspro Africa, we are in no way short sighted. We’ve got our visions crystal clear and we work towards that every day

Our Core Values

Our Core Value is CREST