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At Champspro Academy, we have courses, training, Book Club and opportunities for virtual internships that can help champion your life, improve your soft skills and prime you for excellence. The Academy is designed for individuals who really want to champion their lives and career.

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Courses / Training

  • Goal Setting Master Class Certification.
  • Leadership 101.
  • Emotional & Adaptability Intelligence.
  • Employability Virtual Summit.
  • Business Masterclass.
  • Undergraduate Programs.
  • Graduate Programs.

We are also available to cover presentations, training or events for effective development for your schools, company or other organization.

LLBM Virtual Internship

The Law, Leadership, Business and Media Virtual Internship is poised with the sole initiative of bridging the gap and challenges of students in Africa in reaching out to top commercial firms within Africa to intern with these corporate institutions. 
It is intended to bring the learning experience gotten from interning with these firms and institutions to a wider range of students in a common platform.

More so, with the partnership and collaboration with these firms and institutions, we’ll have facilitators from each of them who will help teach and impart these students on the rudiments of different areas like Law, Business, Leadership and Media online.


To promote a reading culture, we will recommend at least a book to read in a particular month. A general review and discussion of the book is also expected from members in our video conferencing platforms.

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Nowadays, skills sell more than certificate. Your certificate is not enough to keep you going that is why you need to build relevant skills

You will discover the right course to chat in your profession from participating in our Academy. It is designed to meet your professional needs

We’ve git the best breed of professionals in our team as trainees. You can be sure not to miss your step as you a member of the Academy