Once Bitten, Twice Shy (When History is Against you)

Once bitten, twice shy is an interesting idiom that first appeared in the 1800’s.
Once bitten, twice shy describes an incident that someone does not want to repeat. If someone has a bad experience in which he is injured, humiliated or frightened in some manner, he does not wish to repeat the experience. If a person or animal has inflicted the harm, then one does not wish to give that person or animal a chance to inflict harm, again.
This idiom appears to be the one that gives you a choice to avoid some people or things in life. At least you’re sure, you ain’t engaging with those folks again.

However in a game of sports, particularly football, you have no say in choosing who your opponents will be, even if they’re the ones that constantly bite (beat) you. This might be implying that you might keep getting bitten (beaten) and your shyness almost inevitable.
In football, these teams that accept their fates are called underdogs. However, you can always beat the odds. Now this is the main gist.

Frank Lampard is one of the greatest midfielders to have played the game of football and also one of the most scoring midfielders to the extent that he holds the all time goal scoring record for Chelsea football club. He retired from playing football in 2017 and went into coaching later on.

He was appointed the manager of Derby County an English side in the second division of the English league.

Leeds United another historic team in the same division with Lampard’s team all had this goal, to qualify for the first division of the Priemer league. Both teams were expected to play themselves twice in the course of fighting for qualification. When the two teams played, in both occasions, Leeds United won Derby County convincingly.

Now Leeds finished third even though they were one of the teams strongly tipped to win the championship. Derby finished in 6th position. The first and second teams qualified for the championship and the teams that finished third to sixth position were going to seek for the remaining qualification spot through a playoff.
Derby County at this point would at least not want to meet Leeds in the qualifying stage before the final stage of the playoff.
However your guess is good as mine, their opponent was Leeds United in a two legged semi final playoff before the final.

In the first leg, which was being played in Derby’s home, they once again lost to Leeds United by a lone goal and during the course of the match, the fans of Leeds United started singing to Frank Lampard, “you can never beat us, you have tried but you can’t.”

What a way to rub salt in someone’s injury. Truth is Frank Lampard have lost thrice to them.
En route to the second leg, every body already wrote Derby off. You couldn’t blame them too because precedent was speaking.
Not just that Derby had lost the first leg of the Championship play-off semi-final with Leeds 1-0 at Pride Park, and had also lost twice before losing again in their home soil for the playoff, another history is that no team in second-tier history had progressed after losing their first leg on home soil in the playoff. History was really against them.

“We were 1-0 down, I said to the lads everyone had written us off,” he told Sky Sports. “It was 1/8 for them to go through or something, everyone says they’ve beaten us three times, but we made a little tweak, and it worked brilliantly but you need bravery on the ball and the lads showed it.”
You need bravery on the ball.

Bravery entails forgetting what the antecedents says and pushing on that you can do it.
Bravery means, shutting those that have said that you are not good enough to go ahead and try again.

You see, life might have a way to knock you down, it will always do but you have the power to say life can’t knock me out.

When it mattered most, Derby County won Leeds by 4goals to two and qualified (4-3) on aggregate. The previous meetings they lost three times to Leeds did not matter anymore, because Derby are heading to the final of the playoff on course for qualification to the English Priemer league.
They believed they could beat their biggest tormentor when it mattered most and they did just because they had the BELIEF.

What’s stopping you.
Just keep believing.
Don’t write yourself off.
You will defintely win when it matters the most.
Remember, Life might knock you down but if you still persist, it can’t knock you out. #selah


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