Adaptability Quotient

I just finished my exams from the Nigerian Law School and I kid you not, I’m part of the deluge of Nigerian students writing an application to different firms and institutions for a job. As I keep applying, I keep editing my application letter and  Curriculum vitae (CV) to suit not just the position I am applying for but also the corporation I’m applying to

Success is best, but failure is not a stigma; it’s an important experience for your resume.

On a particular note I sent my curriculum vitae as a guide to one of my friends and he kept saying how he felt he has not done much with his life and here are all the accolades I had. I told him that all he sees in that CV is just the edited truth of the success and doesent represent the true story. I have had some amazing moments in life but I have tasted so many failures too but my CV did not capture that. My CV was only the edited part of the success people wanted to see and not the so many times I kept trying before I became successful on that particular thing and quickly rushed to add it in my CV.

I have learnt not to envy people’s glory because I don’t know the story that brought the glory and if I can handle the weight of such story if placed in their shoes. I believe people should start sharing more of their mistakes, failures and challenges that led to the victory so that people can understand that successful people do fail at things too.

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